Vintage Marcasite Rings For The Old Time Lover

Vintage Marcasite Rings

Vintage items have been all the rage in the west. After all, a throwback to the times when our grandparents were bopping to old time music is appreciated. Though we weren’t around to appreciate the nostalgic memories that smother our grandparents, we’re making our own. With Vintage cars, vintage shirts, vintage dresses and vintage shoes covering the major parts of our lives, it still doesn’t seem like the trend is going anywhere. It’s only sneaking its way into the more subtle parts of our lives. Vintage Marcasite rings WILL appear on your Amazon or eBay timeline whether you like it or not. But…what are they?

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Marcasite is a real gemstone that is extracted from a natural mineral called ‘pyrite’ and this mineral exists in various parts of the world, but just a small fraction of this pyrite is required for the cutting process to create Marcasite jewelry. 

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Old time lovers

 will be happy to know that the history of Marcasite jewelry goes centuries back to the reign of King Louis the 14th of France. In those times when diamonds were limited for the King only, women of the court and of higher social status took to wearing Marcasite jewelry as an imitation of diamonds. Later, in the 19th century during the rule of Queen Victoria, Marcasite jewelry was used only  in the United Kingdom for both its beauty . It quickly gained popularity and soon reached a vast audience worldwide.

Vintage Marcasite rings

have been all the rage in Milan and Tokyo. Rings like this…


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And this…

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…are popular not only in the west but in the subcontinent too! Countries like Pakistan and India have been traditionally known to cherish silver accessories, going as far as to create showpieces and edible silver for daily use. There’s no doubt: the vintage Marcasite trend is taking over. We, for one, have no objections!