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Buying advice for antique silver jewelry

There is an infinite amount of antiques around the world, with great value of which silver jewelry comes above anything. An antique piece of jewelry is considered an important piece of treasure. Handed over through generations these heirlooms are often auctioned and bought at great prices.

With every piece bought, it is important to know what you are buying. Silver has extensive properties that make it all the more appealing and collectible in innumerable forms. Being an alloy, silver can only sustain with a fusion of different metals, thus its purity levels may vary.

Many factors come in when purchasing these items and a buyer should have much information on it before buying genuine pieces both in stores and online. silver jewelry

To save you from any fraud these 5 pointers are to look out for! Whether you are a collector or not getting much information on what you are buying will only yield great rewards for you. A few things to consider when looking for silver antiques include size, gauge, maker, purity levels.

Buying advice for antique silver jewelry

silver jewelry

Understanding its quality and construction

It is important to understand the quality of these antique silver jewelry pieces. Often you will find silver plated jewelry that you should be aware of are not sterling silver. They are pieces that are coated with silver with their core made of different metals like copper, nickel, or any other.

Their appearance is constructed that way which will eventually wear off with time. The antique silver jewelry should appear shiny and should not look tarnished. Lay the piece flat and check for any bends in metals or scratches here and there. Earrings bend easily so make sure the ear posts and straight.

Checking second-hand pieces

when you buy a piece it is a given that it must have been worn before. These pieces when resold have to be professionally polished. Keep on the lookout if they have been resized or repaired by a professional.

The Bracelet clasp, chains may have been replaced or tightened. silver jewelry See that they have the same quality so that it doesn’t devalue it.

silver jewelry

Verifying its legitimacy

The most important task as such is determining the legitimacy of the antique silver jewelry pieces that you are buying. The maker’s hallmark should be present on the inner corner of your piece or the back of it.

These engravings make it all the more important to understand the making of the product. This maker’s mark is its identity so one can know where the product is coming from.

This piece of information sets the price for the product as well and easy to understand its worth in the market. This is one way of knowing if what you are buying is a legitimate silver antique jewelry piece or not.

silver jewelry

When purchasing in-store or online

When purchasing in-store, Inspecting pieces in person is one task you can check off your list. Pick out your desired piece and inspect it very carefully. Look out for any dent, bend, or scratch.

This can be made even easier .with a magnifying glass simply available at these stores. Anything that looks out of shape must be avoided. Look for the maker’s hallmark, ask for his/her name.

Request for its details; the store owner will enlighten you about its making. The metal this antique silver jewelry is made of, the designer’s name, and the position of the hallmark. See if it is plated or not.

If the attendee seems reluctant in answering or simply doesn’t, leave the store.
Ask the store about its return policy which will be easily accessible in any reputable store’s guidelines.

After purchasing the items make sure you have all the receipts and proof of legitimacy. Look out for any necessary documents that may help you in the future and you are good to go.

When purchasing online, look out for websites where you can comfortably buy your antique silver jewelry pieces. You should research where you can have easy access to these products. There are plenty of websites like Amazon or Etsy that sell authentic handmade antique pieces.

During selection check details of the product by clicking on the picture. See that you do not miss any important detail. There should be multiple pictures of the product from every angle. Engage in conversation with the seller for any more details that you would like to know on that silver antique jewelry.

During check out, read the refund policy and save all the necessary information on the website. See that the website has a refund policy in case of shipment damage or if you simply do not like it in person and would like to..

exchange or return it. Confirm that they offer to track the shipment. Time the delivery according to your schedule so that you are home when the shipment arrives.

Is it up to the minute?

To keep track of what is on-trend one should surf the internet and look for the newest fashion trends. This way you are up to date on what the latest jewelry trends are online.

Jewel colors that are in fashion and what styles are being worn around the world by leading celebrities and some of us mundane people.

Final verdict

The article in a gist describes what one should be looking out for when purchasing antique silver jewelry. It will help you do a clean purchase without any worries to complete your look for the event. You can pair these items with any dress to give yourself a classy edge or even to up your funk.

We are hoping that you found this guide helpful to add more things to your collectibles. Wait no more and start surfing the internet or shop in person for any special antique silver jewelry piece.

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If you are looking for buying advice for antique silver jewelry, this article is it for you. These are 5 things you should look out for when buying antiques and you are good to go!

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