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Matching your Jewelry to Your Body Type

We wear Jewelry to boost, Matching your Jewelry accentuate and complement our looks and outfit. But, you might find yourself asking the question, “Why do certain pieces, even those that are said to go with any look or outfit, look so horrible on me?” You begin to wonder if your style is too excessive or if you are not just cut out to rock that bold piece or be artsy.

These are part of the questions we ask ourselves when a jewelry piece that we initially thought would look amazing on us, because of how stunning those items were displayed, ends up looking all wrong. But you don’t have to keep that statement necklace in the corner of your box-someplace you will never see it,

or promise yourself that you will never wear the color red in jewelry form again. The right accessories can enhance your style and appeal. The minor details in your ensemble, like Jewelry, can draw attention to your features while also concealing flaws and origins of your complexes. But, it can also ruin everything.

This article will show you through the basics; which jewelry pieces will suit you, the colors that will complement your skin color and body type, Matching your Jewelry and also how little {or how much} you can pull off without any trouble.

Matching your Jewelry to Your Body Type

Matching your Jewelry

Choosing the right Jewelry to match your face type

It would be best to select your face jewelry- earrings and necklace with care, as they complement your face type. Even the most minor details can accentuate and change the shape of your face. To know what shape and sizes of face jewelry is right for you, you have to follow the following guidelines;

Round face

If your face is round-cheeks and all, then you should avoid wearing earrings shaped like circles. Round earrings, either big or small, will only make the roundness of your face more profound. Instead, Matching your Jewelry you choose long earrings like dangles and drops.

Long, vertical earrings will give your face the illusion of being slimmer and more prolonged. It is also the time to rock those statement chandelier earrings that have been in your closet for a long time.

For necklaces, the goal is to create the impression of a longer neckline. To do that, you need long chains that form the point of a Matching your Jewelry triangle as it slopes downward. Chokers and collars should not be worn because they will make your neck look broader and shorter.

Rectangular-shaped face

To know if your face is rectangular, the width of your cheekbones, chin, and forehead will almost be the same when you measure it. The best kinds of earrings that will suit your face are the exact opposite of what the round-shape face needs.

Wide, circular, and round earrings that make your face appear more expansive and rounder are your go-to specifics the next time you want to Matching your Jewelry dress up or go jewelry shopping.

In your choice of necklace, avoid long and drooping pieces that form a V. Chokers; smaller pieces and short necklaces are ideal. Matching your Jewelry

Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face has an average width from the forehead down to end in a well-defined chin. If your face is heart-shaped, the best shapes of face jewelry would be pieces that will make your forehead appear narrow and increase the width of your jawline.

To achieve this, short and curved necklaces can soften the end of the Matching your Jewelry detailed chin and diminish the appearance of length in the jawline.

When choosing earrings, triangle-shaped dangling pieces with the broadest piece close to the jawlines are suitable. Long, narrow, and small post earrings should be avoided.

Oval face

Most people with oval-shaped faces do not have to worry about what shape or size of face jewelry to wear. This is because this type of shape is well-suited with almost every shape of earrings.

They can pull off circle-shaped earrings without breaking a sweat. And unlike a rectangular face-shaped person, Matching your Jewelry if your face is oval, you can wear long and vertical earrings.

To best accent your neckline, Matching your Jewelry your choices should revolve around pearl necklaces, ribbon, and open link chains. You only have to note very long designs because they tend to make your face appear very long.

Choosing Jewelry for body shapes

Matching your Jewelry


If your body shape falls under this category, Matching your Jewelry the best jewelry item to emphasize is hand jewelry. The rectangle shape is considered the “supermodel body type.” All you need are pieces that will give off the impression of long, slender fingers.


The secret to rocking this shape is making your waistline look slimmer. Matching your Jewelry Wear chunky necklaces which will allow your hips to flourish.

Delicate bracelets will lend an almost unnoticed spotlight to your hips without drawing attention away from them. Furthermore, a bracelet will create a great contradiction between the two, Matching your Jewelry resulting in a feminine yet powerful image.


Although your hips and shoulder have similar measurements, your hips tend to dominate because most of your outfits highlight your waistline. You can balance out your ensemble while still enhancing your waist by focusing on your bust area.

Your best bet would be a striking necklace with a slight drop that ends around your cleavage area to achieve this look. Drop earrings will produce the impression of a leaner, Matching your Jewelry taller physique. This is because the earrings will draw attention to your chest area.

Round or Oval

The round and oval body shapes are often categorized as “apple shaped.” A simple way to getting the perfect look is to create harmony between your head and hips because what you intend to project is the illusion of a taller figure. Go for chunky bracelets to balance your waist and simple earrings to accentuate your neckline.

Following the above guidelines is a sure way to give you that fantastic finish- the perfect ensemble every single time. Matching your Jewelry Suppose you still cannot put them together. In that case, fashion and jewelry outlets like Tiffany & Co, Zales have professionals ready to help you begin the journey to starting a new outlook on how you wear your Jewelry.

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