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Jewelry gives back to the environment!

Do you know that jewelry can do a lot for the environment? Yes, eco-friendly products are sustainable, and you’ll cherish this piece of jewelry for ages. This article features the leading brands which are serving their jewelry which gives back to the environment. We all know that people love jewelry and its designs, but it would be awesome if brands make their jewelry sustainable.

Jewelry gives back to the environment!



Soko – A brand based in San Francisco

Soko is a unique brand that brings a great initiative. Soko aims to help the artists who are entrepreneurs. Soko also aims to build businesses to value entrepreneurs. In this way, Soko will obtain great income and sustainability.

In this way, the Kenyan artists can have access to customers, orders, and payments. This is a unique and classical way of expanding a business. Yes, this is empowerment. The jewelry of Soko is unique and showcases minimalism.



Starfish Project

The starfish project is way more than jewelry and starfish. The starfish project works for women in Asia. The starfish project readily resolves issues and provides shelter and healthcare to underprivileged women. The starfish project also works to eradicate moral problems, and it includes counseling. You can buy jewelry and gather so much for a better environment.




Mejuri is a Canadian brand that has the best casual jewelry. This jewelry is very close to nature, and it is crafted with pearls and natural minerals, which gives the perfect shine and finish. Mejuri also comes with excellent and optimal designs which look fantastic. All the material is collected from conflict-free vendors. The best thing is that Mejuri launches a new collection once a week.




ABLE helps to create sustainable opportunities for women. ABLE believes that generational poverty can come to an end if people are empowered. ABLE aims to empower women so that they can uplift their families and social status. ABLE recycles material in such a way that it crafts jewelry without any hassle. ABLE is a versatile and one stop solution to affordable jewelry.


CatBird – Operated by women!

The best thing about Catbird is that women operate it, and their jewelry is created in-house. It has 40 employees that are hired on fair wages. Catbird jewelry has different options, from casual jewelry to formal jewelry. You will also find a variety of wedding and engagement rings. The best thing is that Catbirds donates a certain amount of jewelry to help feed the poor people.

Nightlight Design

Nightlight is an organization that aims to end sexual exploitation. Night light has different headquarters all around the world, like Bangkok, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Night light has the best jewelry, which helps to generate funds for the organization.



Noonday Collection

Noonday has a wonderful jewelry collection and they collect funds through fundraisers. Noonday collaborates with ambassadors and hostesses which brings and showcases the jewelry designs in the US markets, which helps to generate many funds. Jewelry can be a great way of raising funds. The jewelry comes in a unique design that looks wonderful.




Nisolo is a jewelry brand that interacts with artisans from different cities like Kenya and Mexico. Nisolo follows these artisans in terms of jewelry design and completion of the jewelry. All their workers are given better wages than other places.

They value their employees and treat them fairly. Nisolo has one of the timeless collections, which is stylish and fancy. You will fall in love with the beautiful designs of this jewelry.




Aurate is based in New York, and it has the most exclusive designs. Aurate gives back to the environment as it uses recycling. Yes, all the jewelry is created and designed by recycling. They use recycled gold; yes, this seems to be an excellent concept.

Aurate has a beautiful collection of jewelry that is inspired by NYC icons. These designs are exclusively made so that women can pursue the latest fashion. You will also love the quality of this gold.


Accompany is the most convenient platform for artisans. It bridges all the differences and gaps, Accompany teams up with the leading jewelry makers like Makua and Soko, and so they have the most ethical jewelry designs possible.

You can buy this beautiful jewelry from Indigenous communities, and the material used in this jewelry is recyclable, which gives back to the environment. Accompany is a perfect platform for people who want to wear unique jewelry because here, you will find one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and you will fall in love with the perfection of this jewelry.

31 Bits

Thirty-one bits is based in Indonesia, Uganda, and the USA. 31 Bits is the best platform for artisans in Uganda. They have unique and classy designs which showcase fashion. This company is responsible for employing women in such a way that they can take care of all expenses and necessities.

Yes, it is a great initiative, and the sales of these jewelry pieces fund this mission. Indeed, you can contribute to this mission by buying this beautiful jewelry.

Final Verdict!

We all know the importance of serving our planet, but the best way to work for your world is by the jewelry that gives back to the environment. Yes, you can do a lot for your surroundings by just buying jewelry. It is a perfect concept for those who love jewelry and want unique pieces of jewelry.

All these organizations are working to better the environment, and you can also become a significant part of this cause. Your contribution can change so many lives, so why not start contributing today? And become part of this great initiative. At the end of the day, good deeds matter the most.

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