Famous Hollywood Actresses Who Wore Vintage Marcasite Stud Earrings in Their Time

Hollywood Actresses Who Wore Vintage Marcasite Stud Earrings

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Are you a fan of old Hollywood legends who once wear considered the queens of Hollywood? We sure love seeing their old pictures and wished that we were alive in their time. There is always something that attracts you to look at their dressing sense and especially what jewelry they wear. The reason is that vintage jewelry is quite popular and in trends these days which is why we look back to these legends for some inspiration. But did you know that some of these divas also wore vintage marcasite stud earrings? Yes! You read that right. Here are the top legendary actresses of that time who wear these lovely earrings.

Elizabeth Taylor

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This beautiful woman that we all admired with all our heart also had a thing for wearing vintage marcasite stud earrings. As you can see in the photo how happy she looks wearing antique jewelry and how beautifully she has carried this look with her jewelry on point.

Marilyn Monroe


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The beautiful blonde American actress, Marilyn Monroe made a deep inspirational impact in our hearts. She was the one who bought glamour and boldness to Hollywood and made us believe in beauty and confidence. This queen also had a thing for wearing charming jewelry and was often seen wearing vintage marcasite stud earrings on different occasions.

Audrey Catherine Hepburn


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Audrey Catherine Hepburn, the great fashion icon was widely known to be the prettiest actresses of her time. Her iconic hair updo and bold eyeliner had us highly inspired to try this on ourselves too. We couldn’t help, but notice that she also wore vintage marcasite stud earrings that looked amazing with her signature style.

These are just some of the queens of Hollywood that we talked about who wore vintage marcasite stud earrings. There are still many actresses who love wearing these vintage earrings which has us highly inspired to buy and try them on ourselves too.