3 Floral-Shaped Antique Marcasite Rings to Have in Your Jewelry Collection

Antique Marcasite Rings to Have in Your Jewelry Collection

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Floral shapes are trending everywhere right now. From clothing to jewelry there’s a huge variety of floral designs to wear in the upcoming seasons in 2020. If you don’t have any floral shape rings, then don’t worry as we are here to share some amazing antique marcasite rings in floral shapes that you should add to your jewelry collection.


Identical Flowers Antique Marcasite Rings with Adjustable Body

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If you’re that type of person who likes to keep on switching one ring onto every finger of yours after every while, then this adjustable floral ring would be the perfect one to buy. It has identical flowers with a black stone in the center and the petals filled with marcasite stones. It’s perfect for daily wear.


Sterling Silver Rose Antique Marcasite Rings

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If you want to invest in a slightly expensive ring that you can wear only on special occasions, then this beautiful sterling silver rose ring would do. You can keep it safe with you for a long time as it is highly durable and the perfect type of antique marcasite rings that you can pass onto your daughter when they grow up.


Tiny Petal Antique Marcasite Rings

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If you like tiny and simple rings on your fingers, then this 6-petal rings would be great to invest in. you can buy more than of these antique marcasite rings and wear it on all or 2-3 of your fingers to feel that floral love kick in.

There is nothing that would complete the spring season of 2020 other than having these beautiful antique marcasite rings in your jewelry collection. It’s time that you go out and shop for some gorgeous floral-shaped antique rings and make you feel wonderful.