Oxidized Snake Marcasite Ring with Onyx

Marcasite Ring with Onyx

Oxidized Snake Marcasite Ring with Onyx



The rose design ring is the second most famous and trending design of sterling silver marcasite ring that has been attracting the eye of women. The main reason why many consumers opt for this design is because of the intricacy it has been created with; that the turns and twists of the rose design are clear and prominent for the consumer. 

Oxidized Snake Marcasite Ring with Onyx 01

Oxidized Snake Marcasite Ring with Onyx

And we, from Hong Factory, want to join this precious initiative. Because we know that, whether you talk to your friends on a daily basis, you are one of those people capable of maintaining a beautiful friendship over the years (with time and distance included). It is a good idea to thank those great friends for their dedication and dedication. Therefore, we want to remind you that this July 30 you have the perfect ring opportunity to surprise those friends so important to you and dedicate them, at least, for a little while or personal detail.




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